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After months of trial and error, Luke Roberts Animation has arrived at last! With this website launch, you can now see my work in its natural habitat. If you want to reach out, you can do so here, or leave a message below. For the more bookish of you, there will be articles, tutorials, and historical animated films on, which is where you are now. Lastly, you can read more about the behind the scenes of this website and a couple long-term goals below.

Rocket Launch

The process

Rather than using a website builder (think of platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, or etc) or a content management system (think WordPress) for the main website, I chose the troublesome route of hand coding. While building a website from scratch isn’t practical for most freelancers, it’s a great learning and relearning experience for those who have a background in web development and enjoy expanding a skill set.


In my case, I starting teaching myself HTML and CSS at the age of 12. A couple of years later I learned game programming, which taught me the principles of programming logic. When I later became interested in back end web development, it wasn’t too hard getting a grasp of languages like PHP, especially when it came to the basics. At some point there came a lengthy period where I stopped doing those things. But now I have come full circle in a sense.


It was tough deciding between convenience and customization. Sure, I could have used WordPress software for the rest of the website and saved myself time. But the idea of starting a site from virtually nothing appealed to my creativity and inventiveness. When I realized that I wanted to make a system of my own, I began constructing from the ground up.


However, when it came to having a blog, I decided to go with a content management system. I tried lightweight blog software at first, and eventually settled with WordPress. There are some things not worth reinventing (even then I probably would develop blog software if I were able to do so). Blogging is enough work in its own right. So it really makes sense to go with a powerful weblog tool that’s already built and ready for action.



The chief objective of is basically the same as other portfolio websites: it is to showcase work. But I would like to go a step beyond that. In addition to offering my artistic services, I would also like to provide products, information, and interactive content that keeps you coming back for more.


I would love hear your ideas, questions, and comments about whatever, including this website launch!

You’re welcome to comment below or shoot me an email at!